Robin Yukiko stands next to their art display at the Bi Arts Festival.Artist Statement

Since I was a kid I've been doodling--whether my teachers liked it or not.  I tried to get my fidgety hands to produce the faces I saw in my mind: imaginary characters who surely understood me.

As an adult I started going through coloring books, I soon realized, just for the excuse to blend blues and greens into ocean colors. To capture the untapped adventure in nature.

For Pride one year, I wanted to paint the colors of various LGBTQIA+ flags. To represent not only myself as a bi enby, but to let others know that they are seen and celebrated. I started with swooshes of color then, when I started painting the rainbow, trees began to appear (as they so often do). After that, Pride colors as landscapes and seascapes made perfect sense to me.

Since the overwhelmingly positive response to my Pridescapes, I've come to realize that I'm no longer simply lost in my own world with only figments to understand me. There are many of us. We find each other, connect, and seek out meaning in our shared world. And on days we can't find any, we create our own.

We are forceS of Nature.