Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are always around the corner. Show your love--or treat yourself!--with a personalized song. Below are a few samples with their descriptions and/or testimonials.

Kim told me that she and her beau had a connection through green tea and enjoyed motorcycle rides. I loved the idea that love can be a beautiful whirlwind and yet perfectly still at the same time. With this in mind, I wrote "Pour Another Cup."

 Robin is a talented and disciplined collaborator. She immerses herself deeply into your narrative and creates a beautiful, personal musical story. Dynamite vocals and impeccable client communications.”

— Kim ("Pour Another Cup")

Safe Haven was a Christmas present from one astronomer to another, his wife. I loved how the little things added up to a beautiful relationship.
Robin Yukiko made a Valentine's Day song for me to give to my Ally. She was so happy she cried! And I almost did too (I did, actually, when I first heard the song but shhh she doesn't know that). I encourage anyone to hit up Robin and commission one as well. It made our V-day more special than it's ever been for either of us before.”

— Brian ("My Ally")

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